At Gnarketing we are passionate about helping brands streamline their marketing on a tight budget. There are many resources out there that are free that we would recommend to brands.



Canva has become one of our favorite online tools. You can create professional-looking ads, social media posts, and use stock photography- all for free! The platform is made so even a mediocre graphic designer can learn how to use the tools. There are many pre-made templates to choose from. Need a logo or infographic? You can do it all in Canva! 



Mailchimp is another great resource for email marketing. With a drag and drop platform, you can easily create polished-looking emails. They have features to create a landing page, add a pop-up form to your website, and can even create an automated email series. E-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress will also connect Mailchimp to your website. Many of these features are free however you can upgrade for more features.



Hubspot has become a new favorite for a CRM service. You can do many of the same email features as Mailchimp however, there are more features to keep track of individual prospects and track their conversions. You can really dive into how each person is interacting with your emails. If you have a sales or marketing team, this is a great tool. They have a free version that is sufficient for new start-up companies or small brands. 



Grammarly is a free service that does more than spell check, it does extensive grammar checks on your content, based on your goals. You can also set up Grammarly as a chrome extension and it will automatically analyze your emails, blog posts, and most of your online content. You can upload a document to their platform and it will check the entire document. When you are producing a lot of content it’s nice to have a second set of eyes to find those human errors and keep your writing grammar free!


Google Analytics 

This is a free tool to help analyze your website traffic. Knowing how people are interacting with your website will help you in your marketing and website development.


These are just a few of the resources that we have tested and like. Let us know if you have others that you enjoy using! If you need help setting up these services for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out!