Melissa Ross


Melissa Ross, a web developer, marketing director, cycling coach, artist, former professional cyclist, and serial entrepreneur, has over a decade in the outdoor and marketing industries. Melissa’s expertise includes marketing strategies for national and global markets, website development, and working with start-ups, sponsored teams, athletes, and product development with Asian and European manufacturers. Melissa lives in Laramie, WY with her husband Aaron, two energetic daughters and border collies. Melissa enjoys mountain biking, hiking, dirt biking, painting, and skiing.

At Gnarketing, we are passionate about helping brands tackle the 'gnar' in their marketing!

gnar /när/

the act of performing well on tough terrain

Gnarketing is passionate about helping small business owners tackle the challenges of communicating their unique message in these challenging times.


With over a decade of building websites, e-commerce sites, and offering marketing and communication support for cycling brands, start-ups, and small businesses, we have found powerful creative tools to help businesses to launch or revamp their website, automate their online systems, build their brand and showcase their products and services.


We invite you to tackle the "gnar" for your business and create the mojo for your brand so you can succeed. That might entail revamping your website, creating an e-commerce site, setting up online automated systems, or having an automated email system to follow up and continually engage with your clients and prospective buyers.


We help overwhelmed business owners revamp their website and grow their online presence through functional and automated online systems.