At Gnarketing we love the strategies behind email marketing. If done right, email campaigns can generate a ROI, create long term fans, and immediate sales. There are a few things to consider when diving into your email strategy.


Grow your list organically.

What does “organic” mean in email marketing? Organically growing your email list is where you obtained permission to use someone’s email. This could be from hosting a free event, webinar, having an email subscription on your website, or gathering a person’s email when they have made a purchase. When a person provides you with their email, you have a higher chance of them not flagging your email as spam and also getting them to open and engage with the content. You don’t want to have a massive email list of people who did not permit you as this will likely create a high spam rate and cause more frustration. We want to work smarter. Narrow down your target audience by first obtaining permission.


Send valuable information in your emails. Highlight your expertise.

When sending emails, provide information that your audience would find valuable. This can mean educating them on product features or topics related to your industry. Right now people are craving information and trying to learn as much as possible so when they are ready to buy, they will likely be a loyal and educated customer. You have an opportunity to reach your target audience, show your expertise, and let your brand stand out.


Create an email strategy when launching a campaign.

The frequency of your emails is important. To have appropriate frequency, you need to understand your audience. Some people like to receive several emails and email reminders while others will find constant emails a nuisance and may opt-out. One way to know what your audience wants is to conduct a survey. See what topics interest them and how often they want to hear from you.


Add hyperlinks to your website.

The goal of emails is to get more traffic on your website and ultimately increase your sales. Link content such as the title and photos back to your website to ‘read more’ or to view ‘related topics/products’.


Remember to add consumer reviews.

Always remember to add consumer reviews when appropriate. Nothing works as good as seeing your product or service used by a consumer. If you don’t have consumer reviews, then it’s time to ask for them. We will talk more about this strategy on another blog!


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