If you are like us, you’ve probably been emerging yourself in business webinars lately. On a recent marketing webinar, hosted by several top international companies, there was a discussion on failure and why failure is important for growth in marketing. Failure – that’s a mouthful to swallow! However, failure IS important in many aspects of life as we learn from it. If you have a background in competition, endurance sports, or have found yourself stuck in an adverse outdoor adventure, you will understand how relating those trying times to marketing will help you succeed with your business marketing strategy.


My background (and passion) is in competitive cycling with 8 years racing at the professional level in road and mountain biking. In all aspects of cycling (road, mountain, cyclocross) there are several elements that yield to a successful finish: fitness, fuel, skills, strategy, risk, and luck. Being the fittest or the fastest won’t win a race – many newbies learn this the hard way. Having top fitness, great bike handling skills, staying hydrated and fueled, and understanding race tactics (like teamwork) and strategy will help you be in the right place at the right time to take that element of risk needed to potentially win the race. Sometimes that risk will work out, other times it does not. But, the more you try and fail, you learn what elements need to be adjusted for the next time. You also learn how to evaluate your goals and performance. At some point, you break through that barrier and start to have better results!


Marketing is somewhat similar to endurance sports as adjusting your message, timing, and who you are targeting can be a little bit of a puzzle. But once you find the right mixture, you will be successful! You will always need to adjust your elements as you go but you will start to understand your customer better and know what you need to do to be successful.


Whenever you feel puzzled or overwhelmed by marketing, just take a step back and remember that you have probably encountered this type of challenge one way or another in competitive sports or during an outdoor adventure. COVID has sure thrown everyone for a loop. It’s a great exercise of how having support (like a teammate that hands you an extra bottle or lets you sit on their wheel) can help you through these tough times.


Gnarketing is here to help you succeed on a small budget and get you through these marketing challenges.


My favorite quote that I would say to myself when the going gets tough is, “pain is temporary, glory is forever.”


We invite you to tackle your marketing challenges – however big or small they may be and contact us for support!